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Are you a small business looking to expand your Internet presence? We can help.

Through the years, the Internet has become a critical component for businesses of all sizes. A website is more than just a digital business card these days, and the more you understand web design or hosting, the more powerful your presence will be.

ASI has helped numerous clients build a website that attracts visitors. A solid Internet presence will also help your business grow by highlighting your professionalism, investment, mission, focus on the future, and more to potential partners, suppliers, or investors.


We offer ideal web design and hosting services that can meet just about any budget and business requirements. Even a simple, concise website can boost revenue and interest by two, three, and even ten times what you’re getting right now.

What should your website consist of?

The landing or home page. Simple, direct, explain who you are in few words. Avoid busy images and unnecessary Flash gimmicks.About us should explain what your company is and the experience you bring to the table.Services or products. Concise, to the point.Contact page. If your customers or prospects have to fight to figure out how to contact you, then they will click away. Make it simple and easy.

Let us help you develop the website that your business needs. We can host your site as well, saving you time and money.Contact ASI about our web design and hosting services today.

New Feature – Edit your website anytime (no technical skills required)